• Isometropolis PD

    Isometropolis PD

  • SphereBot


    A little robot animation to workout some new workflows, including realtime rendering.

  • Working Hard

    Working Hard

    A 3D illustration, created partly as practice for painting PBR materials for multiple render engines.

  • Arrays // Drawers

    Arrays // Drawers

    An animated short featuring a large array of drawers that have a mind of their own.

  • SAS Future City

    SAS Future City

    Creation of a cityscape for production agency ‘Media Nerd’. All the 3D content was produced in-house with […]

  • Google Playtime 2017

    Google Playtime 2017

    After animating the countdown for last years Google Playtime event, we were brought on again this […]

  • Teds Tech

    Teds Tech

    CG Animation about a YouTube reviewer!

  • Duracell Bunny Biography

    Duracell Bunny Biography

    Animated interviews with Duracell Bunny’s friends

  • Animated Doodles

    Animated Doodles

    A number of little 3D animations created for fun and to play with a number of […]

  • Sonic Re-brand

    Sonic Re-brand

    The awesome people at Versus invited me in to help out with some imagery for a a […]

  • Guardian Goes Galactic

    Guardian Goes Galactic

    We helped Grama Film with some VFX for a little April fools video that popped up […]

  • Flu Awareness

    Flu Awareness

    Creation of animated vignettes for a GSK flu awareness campaign.

  • Visiting


    Landing on earth due to a damaged space ship, we follow the animated CG spaceman character […]

  • Sky Life

    Sky Life

    Five ‘Time Freeze’ films produced for Sky to be used as part of a interactive javascript […]

  • Nokia XWAB

    Nokia XWAB

    An animation produced under Formation for a new Xpress Web App Builder product from Nokia. The […]

  • Union Street Cider Promo

    Union Street Cider Promo

    We worked closely with Elephants Can’t Jump to produce a proof of feel good concept film […]

  • Asda Boogie Time!

    Asda Boogie Time!

    Creation of a dancing chick for Asda’s Easter promotional campaign where you can create a customised […]

  • NYC GH4

    NYC GH4

    A short mood film shot on a 2014 trip to New York with a Panasonic Lumix […]

  • Poptopia Game

    Poptopia Game

    3D Content creation for the promotional ‘Poptopia’ game in which you flick perfectly pop kernels of […]

  • Intel IT Glove

    Intel IT Glove

    Creation of a CG IT Manager glove for a viral campaign to promote Intel’s IT Manager […]

  • CG Objects

    CG Objects

    An on-going study of everyday items, created in CG to a high detail. Created in Lightwave […]

  • Intel Frantic Factory

    Intel Frantic Factory

    3D graphics and animation created for a flash claw game for an Intel campaign while at […]

  • Kia Optima ‘Take On Blake’ Game

    Kia Optima ‘Take On Blake’ Game

    Creation of the visual content for the Unity3D authored Flash game ‘Take On Blake’. Working as […]

  • Pottermore Sony e-reader

    Pottermore Sony e-reader

    A pre-roll video promoting the launch of the Pottermore Shop. Created in Lightwave 3D and After […]

  • Morphium


    Testing a substance called Morphium and its response to sonic vibration. Trying out some match moving […]

  • MyToblerone


    Creation of a stop-motion introduction and CG animated assets for mytoblerone.co.uk. Video courtesy of Pirata.

  • Happy Easter

    Happy Easter

    A quick little ‘Happy Easter’ animation that evolved from a 3D doodle. Built in and animated […]

  • O2 ‘Be More Dog’

    O2 ‘Be More Dog’

    Creation of CG Dogs for the O2 January Sale promotions. The assets were used for digital […]

  • Dominion


    Visual Effects for SCI-FI London 48hr Film Challenge 2014, Finalist. Original video with full credits Dominion

  • Intel Crack The Clues 2

    Intel Crack The Clues 2

    Design work for Intel Crack the Clues 2, creating the page layouts and the 3D assets and […]

  • Barcelona


    A short mood film shot on a 2011 trip to Barcelona for the Off Festival with […]

  • Hawk


  • Nike Human Race 2009

    Nike Human Race 2009

    A promotional Nike Human Race 2009 video for AKQA. Working under Capture to shoot, edit and […]