April 15, 2018#

Free 8bit HDRI Environments on supertextures.co.uk

I put up a new section on supertextures.co.uk for HDRI’s. However they’re only 8bit, but with a lot of dynamic range compressed into them, which can be expanded via in an image editor capable processing 32bit. Here’s a quick video covering it. Continue Reading

April 12, 2018#

Lightwave 3D 2018 Tutorials

Getting to grips with Lightwave 3D 2018’s new physically based rendering? Here’s a few things you can do with the new buffer export system, that allows for simple compositing and custom mattes to localise adjustments.  Continue Reading

January 2, 2018#

Tea? Getting to grips with PBR in Lightwave 2018

Here’s a quick render test in honer of kicking off the new year. It features the PBR materials and volumetric primitive in Lightwave 2018. The materials where very quick to setup without the need for fresnel nodes plugged into various shader inputs. The volumetric primitive is also really nice to work with, easily controlled with nodes. Continue Reading

August 10, 2017#

Started ArtStation and SketchFab accounts!

Started an ArtStation account for myself and a SketchFab account for Formation.

July 28, 2017#

HDRI Environment Capture

There are numerous method for capturing high dynamic range images for use as CG environment maps. I recently acquired a new method and I thought I’d test it against more tried and true methods. Continue Reading

June 18, 2017#

Flat profile hack on Panasonic GX80 camera (Cine-D)


I really like the Panasonic Lumix GX80 (or GX85 in the US). There’s one this missing from the camera, and that is the flat CineD profile found on many of the higher tier Lumix cameras, until today. BTM_Pix user on the EOSHD forums shared their method for using the camera’s Wifi protocol to upload the CineD profile to a custom mode.  Continue Reading

June 5, 2017#

Evil Ed, another Zbrush sketch.

I forgot how fun Zbrush is once I remember the workflow! I think I need to get a little more asymmetry into the next one, and maybe a neck and torso too.  Started from a polysphere and Goz’d into Lightwave 3D for surfacing and render.

May 31, 2017#

Formation 2017 Reel!

New 2017 showreel finished up for Formation! Featuring work for Asda, Google, Duracell and more. For more information please visit out studio website at: weareformation.com or contact us at: hello@weareformation.com

May 29, 2017#

Sony A7RII clips in Margate

Day trip to Margate! Shot on a Sony A7RII with EF Tamron 24-70mm and Sony 10-18mm and a few shots from a Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

April 10, 2017#

New Lightwave 3D Pluralsight tutorial!

Pluralsight Tutorial

Boom! I’m now a published Pluralsight author. If you’ve seen any of my previous tutorials you may have noticed they’re a little haphazard in my attempt to quickly communicate a point. However, I’m happy to say that this tutorial is considerably more comprehensive, detailing each step to produce the image above. For more tutorials you can visit this category.

February 7, 2017#

DOF in CG animation video uploaded

I’ve uploaded a video talking about depth of field in for CG animations. I also quickly cover my workflow from Lightwave 3D to After Effects.

February 3, 2017#

Depth of Field Testing

I’ve found myself using depth of field a lot more in project, quite shallow depth of field which is very expensive in render time, require many, many samples. However depth maps can be used to MASSIVELY speed up the rendering process by processing the depth of field as a post process. I put together a little scene with the mind to test some of the solutions out there.  Continue Reading

January 26, 2017#

Ted’s Tech!

Ted’s Tech is a 3D animation featuring a mock technology review of an absurd phone concept, drawing stylistic inspiration from fantastic YouTube channels like Unbox Therapy, MKBHD and Dave 2D. Continue Reading

October 19, 2016#

Vlogger – Scene Setup


Scene and lighting pretty much done as well as the body rig. I started with a custom joint setup but soon fell back on the Rhiggit V2 tools, which I absolutely love at the moment. The scene setup was inspired by Unbox Therapy on YouTube. Not sure if I’m going to keep it like this but it’s a clean start. I’ve still got a little texture work to go and am re-writing some of the dialogue but hope to start animated soon…ish.

October 5, 2016#

Vlogger Animation Face Rig

Fighting for time to work on my little vlogger animation idea and started creating the face rig. I’m heavily utilising 3rd Powers set of amazing LW Brush plugins for Lightwave to easily create different morph shapes and throwing in bones as and when it feels like it needs it. I think I’m going to go ahead with a basic setup and add finer controls as and when I need them.

September 18, 2016#

The Coast – Clips from Newquay

Got back from Newquay, Cornwall and took the Panasonic Lumix GX80 with me. So far I really like the handling for a travel camera, small enough to carry around all day and very unassuming. But perhaps the best feature, which makes this my preferred travel camera, is the ability to charge it from a standard micro-usb cable. No more carrying around a separate battery charger and adapter cable! I think the other thing, along with perhaps a GH4-like battery life, that could be improved would be the inclusion of flatter picture styles that most of the other UHD capable Lumix cameras have. This, I’m hoping, may still be added in a firmware update? Unlikely I’m sure but, much like the GH2 days, it hasn’t stopped the ability to achieve Continue Reading

September 17, 2016#

Zbrush Character Sculpt for a Vlogger Idea


I had an idea for a vlogger reviewing absurd products and am currently getting to grips with Zbrush so I thought it was be a good opportunity to merge the two. This is the first time I’ve started creating a character with zero consideration for topology and animation, which was incredibly refreshing. I was concerned that starting without a clean modelled base mesh and UV would result in more difficulty creating smooth surfaces with uniform creases, but I’m happy so far. Starting from ZSpheres, using Dynamesh, zRemesher and UVMaster was considerably different to the workflows that I’m used to, but they are amazingly powerful in their own right.

September 17, 2016#

Formation Logo Fun!

Not sure why but it was fun putting together these little logo idents, trying out a variety of animation and dynamics techniques in Lightwave 3D with the DP kit tools.

August 8, 2016#

Yay! Animated GIFs

I started making some animated GIFs (as a video collection here), I’m not totally sure why but I’ve had a lot of fun doing it. In each one I’ve been playing with different techniques like; animated GI, low-poly, SSS and nodal animation. I think the reason that they’re enjoyable to make it the very fast turn around time. Each clip only took 1-2 days to complete and so didn’t interfere with any ongoing work. Here’s a few making of images for those that are interested.  Continue Reading

August 5, 2016#

A Snail at Night // Macro

Perfect opportunity try the Canon 100mm f2.8 (non-IS) macro on the Sony A7R II in crop mode. The on sensor image stabilisation works wonders for macro work, even able to pan around without too much judder.

June 28, 2016#

Jelly Man! GI and SSS fun.


Had a bit of down time and created this animated doodle. Part of my inspiration was to try being true to PBR materials. The scene was lit solely with GI, using Fresnel nodes for reflection and diffuse. Animation was FK joint bones. Ground contact was tricky with FK but the rig setup time was non-existent and allowed for stretchy bones.  Continue Reading

June 27, 2016#

Punchy Grading Test

Another trip down to Dorset, a good opportunity to shoot some more clips on the Panasonic GX80. I tested out quite a few image profile and setting tweaks to maximise dynamic range and found out that the playing with the iDynamic and Shadow/Highlight options didn’t really help with extending latitude and made the tonal curve more confusing to correct while grading. I’m still hopeful for a firmware update to enable a flatter, more log-like picture profile. 🙂

June 27, 2016#

60 Grams of Morphium!

I felt inspired to show some of the sonic properties of morphium. Again, created in Lightwave 3D and After Effects. Using the ‘shrink wrap’ tool to create multiple blend shapes / morphs. Vimeo Album.

June 6, 2016#

A few new grading tutorials for Premiere Pro

After Effects has been my go to for grading with lots of control, using Avid’s DNxHR codec as an indermediaate. More recently Premiere Pro 2015 has proven to be quite a performer, even with multiple adjustment layers. These are a few of my go to techniques. Continue Reading