August 5, 2016#

A Snail at Night // Macro

Perfect opportunity try the Canon 100mm f2.8 (non-IS) macro on the Sony A7R II in crop mode. The on sensor image stabilisation works wonders for macro work, even able to pan around without too much judder.

June 28, 2016#

Jelly Man! GI and SSS fun.


Had a bit of down time and created this animated doodle. Part of my inspiration was to try being true to PBR materials. The scene was lit solely with GI, using Fresnel nodes for reflection and diffuse. Animation was FK joint bones. Ground contact was tricky with FK but the rig setup time was non-existent and allowed for stretchy bones.  Continue Reading

June 27, 2016#

Punchy Grading Test

Another trip down to Dorset, a good opportunity to shoot some more clips on the Panasonic GX80. I tested out quite a few image profile and setting tweaks to maximise dynamic range and found out that the playing with the iDynamic and Shadow/Highlight options didn’t really help with extending latitude and made the tonal curve more confusing to correct while grading. I’m still hopeful for a firmware update to enable a flatter, more log-like picture profile. 🙂

June 27, 2016#

60 Grams of Morphium!

I felt inspired to show some of the sonic properties of morphium. Again, created in Lightwave 3D and After Effects. Using the ‘shrink wrap’ tool to create multiple blend shapes / morphs. Vimeo Album.

June 6, 2016#

A few new grading tutorials for Premiere Pro

After Effects has been my go to for grading with lots of control, using Avid’s DNxHR codec as an indermediaate. More recently Premiere Pro 2015 has proven to be quite a performer, even with multiple adjustment layers. These are a few of my go to techniques. Continue Reading

May 29, 2016#

An evening with the Lumix GX80 / GX85

I loved using the GH2 and was a little disappointed when the GH3 was announced to have a larger body. That’s why I like to think of the GX80 as a spiritual successor to the understated GH2. I think the form factor is ideal for casual street shooting as it doesn’t stand out as a particularly ‘professional’ camera. Continue Reading

May 23, 2016#

Movidiam Interview

I was approached by Movidiam for a short interview on there film-making platform.

May 11, 2016#

Faking a moon landing!

Guardian_credit-Louis du Mont (1)

Finished putting together the shots from a recent, massively fun job for Gramafilm. The work consisted of 20 VFX shots orf various complexity, featuring live-action astronauts on both the Moon and an adapted version of the ISS. My work started on set as VFX supervisor, each day I was able to test post processes on the set to give an idea of the end shot as well as starting to model the various CG objects. Continue Reading

April 20, 2016#

Fullframe on the Sony A7RII

Trying out the Sony A7RII in full frame mode exclusively. The image performs much better than I was expecting. There are a few wide shots with quite bad moire but I feel much more comfortable using the full frame mode when the type of shot requires it.

February 29, 2016#

A7RII – Trying more image settings at Lunch

Trying out s-log settings for high saturation, perhaps it’s s-gamut colour mode that was washing things out. This was graded in After Effects but I also tried out DaVinci Resolve for the first time and it’s really nice to use, particularly being able to use the scopes. It’s an unbelievable free tool! The GH4 is very sharp out of camera, some say to a fault. I’ve not done any side by side comparisons, but I’m having a hard time getting the Sony A7RII look as nice on hyperfocal shots. Might do a head to head test soon.

February 23, 2016#

ISO 3200 on the A7RII

Getting a handle on the image profiles in movie mode. I’ve played around with Neutral with -3 contrast, PP6 and PP7 (slog2). I’m liking how slog2 performs in these situation but find it hard to recover colour saturation compared to other profiles. This was also the first time I’d used the smart remote app for android, which works really well but I don’t seem to be able to select slog2 or any picture profile, instead it gives the option to use the photo orientated ‘creative styles’ only.

January 13, 2016#

Sony A7RII proximity sensor fix (manual switch)

Just one of the custom buttons I’m liking on the A7RII to allow for shooting video and photos from the hip without the proximity sensor switching to the EVF.

January 9, 2016#

Sony A7R II [Brain Dump]

I love the panasonic GH4 and Canon 5D series and am hoping the Sony A7R II can be both in a relatively compact package. I bought the camera a few days ago from Park Camera’s London (really helpful guys), taking advantage of their Metabone’s offer, getting the EF-E adapter for £100. I popped out at lunchtime to test of the video capabilities around Shoreditch Continue Reading

December 16, 2015#

10 Lightwave 3D Tips I wish I’d known from the Start

I’ve had a few ‘how did I not know this!’ moments when using Lightwave 3D over the years. Here are some of that I’ve found particularly useful.

December 1, 2015#

Sharp Valley – A VR pitch

These polygonal landscapes were created as part of a pitch for a medical expo experience to promote a new pain management medicine. Our approach was to show the user an ever changing landscape based in the noise response from an EEG reader built into the headset.  Continue Reading

October 31, 2015#

Halloween Formation Logo

Happy Halloween! Demonising the studio logo for a bit of seasonal fun. Created in Lightwave 3D using volumetric lights with node editor animated procedurals for the red smoke.

October 27, 2015#

Equivalent DOF on M43 vs FF

The Panasonic 35-100mm f2.8 didn’t work out for me in the video department and the Sony A7SII has come out with 4K internal, full frame and a 5-axis stabilisation. In this video I’m working out if I could get a small, more portable lens tele-zoom with the A7SII for similar depth of field.

October 15, 2015#

Devon Clips

Back from a lovely trip to Devon. Here’s a few clips taken while out and about. I really like the portability of the GH4 and having a huge focal length range in a small bag. With the 4K I pretty much exclusively shoot video and pull stills from them. I usually head back to a Continue Reading

September 15, 2015#

Cinemagraph gifs from ‘Objects’ project.


Thought I’d put together some looping animated GIFs for the ongoing ‘Objects’ project, creating simple CG scenes from the bottom up and focusing on the details.
Continue Reading

August 28, 2015#

Which Metabones for tele-zoom? Testing 24-70mm on GH4

I’m selling my Lumix 35-100mm 2.8 as it does stabilise video but still shows signs of micro jitters when the lens is held quite still (v1.3). So I’m looking to adapt the Tamron 24-70mm 2.8 VC to use as a faster, longer zoom on the GH4. At the moment I only have a passive adapter (used in this video) but I’m thinking the Metabones smart adapter (non-speedbooster) might do the trick. Having 70 x 2.3 (c4k crop) = ~160mm @ 2.8 on the long end.

August 28, 2015#

Cotton Maps in Lightwave 3D (Free tiled textures)


There are a few nice cotton textures out there but unless you have an electron microscope sometimes the fidelity isn’t that high, so I though I’d make one. A lot of the modelling was done in Layout with bones twisting and bending the mesh, then saving out a transformed mesh back to Modeller for extra tweaking.

Continue Reading

June 10, 2015#

Panasonic 42.5mm f1.7

Got a stealthy longer lens with stabilisation for shooting background plates for Visiting. Here are some test shots on the Panasonic GM1.

June 1, 2015#

Finished separate CG & Film reels for 2015

April 28, 2015#

Global Illumination with Animation

After experimenting a bit with moving geometry in a character turntable lit with radiosity I thought I’d test a few scenarios with low ‘Maximum Pixel Spacing’, thinking it would be a sort half-way-house between brute force and interpolated. I’m quite happy with the results, considering the low Rays and render times of 2-5 minutes of a 1920×1080 frame on i7 4770 cpus.