December 1, 2015#

Sharp Valley – A VR pitch

These polygonal landscapes were created as part of a pitch for a medical expo experience to promote a new pain management medicine. Our approach was to show the user an ever changing landscape based in the noise response from an EEG reader built into the headset.  Continue Reading

October 31, 2015#

Halloween Formation Logo

Happy Halloween! Demonising the studio logo for a bit of seasonal fun. Created in Lightwave 3D using volumetric lights with node editor animated procedurals for the red smoke.

October 27, 2015#

Equivalent DOF on M43 vs FF

The Panasonic 35-100mm f2.8 didn’t work out for me in the video department and the Sony A7SII has come out with 4K internal, full frame and a 5-axis stabilisation. In this video I’m working out if I could get a small, more portable lens tele-zoom with the A7SII for similar depth of field.

October 15, 2015#

Devon Clips

Back from a lovely trip to Devon. Here’s a few clips taken while out and about. I really like the portability of the GH4 and having a huge focal length range in a small bag. With the 4K I pretty much exclusively shoot video and pull stills from them. I usually head back to a Continue Reading

September 15, 2015#

Cinemagraph gifs from ‘Objects’ project.


Thought I’d put together some looping animated GIFs for the ongoing ‘Objects’ project, creating simple CG scenes from the bottom up and focusing on the details.
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August 28, 2015#

Which Metabones for tele-zoom? Testing 24-70mm on GH4

I’m selling my Lumix 35-100mm 2.8 as it does stabilise video but still shows signs of micro jitters when the lens is held quite still (v1.3). So I’m looking to adapt the Tamron 24-70mm 2.8 VC to use as a faster, longer zoom on the GH4. At the moment I only have a passive adapter (used in this video) but I’m thinking the Metabones smart adapter (non-speedbooster) might do the trick. Having 70 x 2.3 (c4k crop) = ~160mm @ 2.8 on the long end.

August 28, 2015#

Cotton Maps in Lightwave 3D (Free tiled textures)


There are a few nice cotton textures out there but unless you have an electron microscope sometimes the fidelity isn’t that high, so I though I’d make one. A lot of the modelling was done in Layout with bones twisting and bending the mesh, then saving out a transformed mesh back to Modeller for extra tweaking.

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June 10, 2015#

Panasonic 42.5mm f1.7

Got a stealthy longer lens with stabilisation for shooting background plates for Visiting. Here are some test shots on the Panasonic GM1.

June 1, 2015#

Finished separate CG & Film reels for 2015

April 28, 2015#

Global Illumination with Animation

After experimenting a bit with moving geometry in a character turntable lit with radiosity I thought I’d test a few scenarios with low ‘Maximum Pixel Spacing’, thinking it would be a sort half-way-house between brute force and interpolated. I’m quite happy with the results, considering the low Rays and render times of 2-5 minutes of a 1920×1080 frame on i7 4770 cpus.

April 20, 2015#

Back from Berlin

Back from Berlin and took some video on the GH4 while over there. Looking forward to the v-log profile in the works for the GH4.

April 9, 2015#

Off to Berlin!


Yay! I’m heading off to Berlin for a bit. Any suggestion for  must see places, drop me a message @louisdumont.


April 9, 2015#

Visiting – Episode 1

Yay! Finally put up the first episode of Visiting. This episode acts as an introduction to more loose animated vignettes that focus on more candid moments. More information on: visitingshort.com

April 9, 2015#

Feeling out image profiles for the Sony A7S

Finished shooting a little promotion concept film that I’ll show in some shape or form soon. It was shooting bars and nightlife without lighting so called for a very sensitive camera. The A7S didn’t disappoint. I had a night before to figure out he right colour profile for the job and found the S-Log very hard to expose compared to Cine-D on the GH4. Here’s a the test video.

March 18, 2015#

Download CG Water scene for Lightwave 3D + DPkit


I did a CG water tutorial last year for Lightwave 3D and am putting up the scene file here for anyone that want to have a look as some details may have been glossed over in the video.

March 16, 2015#

Formation Photos


Updating the Formation about page with new copy and new photos of the team. Setup included two Sunpak 383 manual flash guns and a Canon 5D3 + Tamron 24-70mm. f/8, 1/160.  Continue Reading

March 12, 2015#

Google Cardboard Animation

Finished a little CG animation to show the construction of a branded Google Cardboard VR headset. The animation was produced in Lightwave 3D and I make use of DPkit’s nodes to post process and grade the image straight out of the renderer.

October 1, 2014#


Some GH4 clips from my recent trip to New York. Everything seems to filmic out there so I though I’d give it the 2.39:1 treatment with accompanying grade and score 🙂

September 17, 2014#

Off to New York!

Heading to the big apple for filming, photography and a whatever else I can fit in! If you know of anything cool going on the from the 20th to the 27th of September let me know!@louisdumont

August 15, 2014#


VisitingWIPVisitingShort.com is up and running. A handy place for all the visiting development and progress. At the moment I’m getting the workflow of motion capture and animation sorted out using new Rhiggit v2.0 tools, which, so far seem very flexible!

August 15, 2014#

Fun with Newtonian Motion Plugin for Lightwave 3D

Quick test of a new plugin for Lightwave 3D and that can follow any item, generating a Newtonian motion reaction to the animation. Super handy!

August 14, 2014#

Nodal Material, Displacements and Post Processing

A Lightwave 3D tutorial I put together has just gone live as part of Lightwave’s Siggraph 2014 showcase. Using nodal materials, displacements and post processing to achieve a treated final image straight out of Lightwave 3D. Special mention, as always, to Denis Pontonnier and his outstanding plugins.

August 10, 2014#

More Sculpts!

A Couple more head sculpts just for fun. Really enjoy zbrushing and starting to get used to the workflow to Lightwave 3D for materials and rendering.

July 7, 2014#

GH4 Low Light Test

Got the GH4! And so far I’m very happy with it. 4K video is sharp and there are is a huge amount of flexibility when it comes to image profile adjustments. Almost too much 🙂 Seems like a balance of achieving a flat image for grading without getting too flat as to loose fidelity in the 8bit compression.