August 15, 2014#


VisitingWIPVisitingShort.com is up and running. A handy place for all the visiting development and progress. At the moment I’m getting the workflow of motion capture and animation sorted out using new Rhiggit v2.0 tools, which, so far seem very flexible!

August 15, 2014#

Fun with Newtonian Motion Plugin for Lightwave 3D

Quick test of a new plugin for Lightwave 3D and that can follow any item, generating a Newtonian motion reaction to the animation. Super handy!

August 14, 2014#

Nodal Material, Displacements and Post Processing

A Lightwave 3D tutorial I put together has just gone live as part of Lightwave’s Siggraph 2014 showcase. Using nodal materials, displacements and post processing to achieve a treated final image straight out of Lightwave 3D. Special mention, as always, to Denis Pontonnier and his outstanding plugins.

August 10, 2014#

More Sculpts!

A Couple more head sculpts just for fun. Really enjoy zbrushing and starting to get used to the workflow to Lightwave 3D for materials and rendering.

May 21, 2014#

Camden Create – Race Car!

At last an excuse to play with toy race cars! All be it of the CG variety. I and a bunch of like minded folks were asked through We Are Formation to produce a little 10 second stings for the Camden Create Festival. You can check out the other artist animation here.

July 7, 2014#

Trying out some sculpting


Having a play with Zbrush, learning the sculpting ropes, particularly getting models to and from Lightwave 3D. Also getting used to the different brush types. My favorites so far are clay build up, dam standard and flattern.

May 4, 2014#

Tips published in 3D Artist Magazine!


Fancy reading through a collection of 50 Lightwave 3D tips? Then pick up a copy of 3D Artist where you’ll find a few of my select tips for Lightwave that have helped me over the years.

April 18, 2014#

HONOUR IS EVERYTHING – 48hr Film Challenge

Had a great time working with Dir. Mahmut Akay and the rest of the super talented crew on Scifi London’s 48 hour film challenge. It was shot in the awesomely dystopian looking estate in South Hampstead and took until the early ours of the morning on Sunday to complete the VFX shots depicting frozen time. Continue Reading

April 8, 2014#


Ramping up the rays to render some diamonds in Lightwave 3D with the Dielectric node. If you’re interested in the settings I’ve put a screen capture up here and there’s also some interesting links that people commented on the vimeo page.

January 30, 2014#

CG Water fun

Trying out some displacement and material worked based on a little video I took of a of the Thames at sunset. Trying to get some sun highlights in that create a nice bokeh effect in the defocussed areas. I’m going to try Continue Reading

December 31, 2013#

Merry Christmas!

I know Christmas is over but this is a little video I put together for a bit of fun at Formation. Built in Lightwave 3D using instances for the pine needles.

September 12, 2013#

Spaceman sent to the printers – UPDATED

Found a bit of time to export a high-res mesh to send over to 3DprintUK. I just got he print back and it’d blooming great! captures so much detail. I’ll post the result here soon. Here’s a little turntable render of the high-poly export for printing. Here’s some pics: Continue Reading

August 12, 2013#

Visiting Short Update

A little teaser of some of the latest completed scene. Progress is a little slow as I’ve quite a bit of work on but hoping to invest more time soon. For more details you can follow this forum thread.

May 4, 2013#

Smerkoil, a cg chair for fun

Created for fun using Lightwave 3D. All the dof in ray-traced and I’m planning on pitting it against Otoy’s Octane renderer, which should excel at these kind of renders.

April 4, 2013#

Visiting Short – Texturing a bottle cap

Having nodal fun texturing a bottle cap for my little Visiting short, as well as taking advantage of Lightwave 3D’s new UV unwrap tools. very handy.

February 27, 2013#

Casio Watch

A new object for the spaceman to interact with in visiting short. Follow on Lightwave forums.

October 23, 2012#

Unity3D experiments

Had some time to have a play with getting 3D content into a game engine, namely Unity3D. Continue Reading

October 15, 2012#

Formation Begins

Our new company specialising in 3D and Visual Effects is now up and running! We like to work closely with agencies and production companies to help bring ideas to life across multiple platforms. We’ve moved into our new studio and are settling in by trying out some content creation for the Unity 3D game engine.

For more information visit: www.weareformation.com

October 1, 2012#

Nokia Xpress Web App Builder Animation

Finished up work on the Nokia Xpress Web App Builder promo video. It was a fun mix character animation and a symbolic demonstration of the new app building service offered by Nokia. Everything was built animated and rendered in Lightwave 11 along with the Rhiggit Lite, which worked out pretty well. IK/FK blending and offset controller made animation a pleasure. We went for 12fps, which gave it a nice innocent, stop-motion feel as well as saving on render time 🙂

April 22, 2012#

Pottermore Shop

Finished up a promotional animation for the newly launched Pottermore Shop. Creating a video version of the banner campaign. Mixing multiple baked dynamics calculations to have the owl fly in while forming from letters.

April 22, 2012#

Morphium Sighting

Working over the weekend prompted a little timelapse experiment with a sigma 8mm on a 5D, allowing for 180 degrees FOV. Which makes a great environment map to some 3D experimentation. Here’s the footage from the camera: Continue Reading

March 19, 2012#

SkyLife Time Freeze

We just finished up some work for Sky. Capturing slow motion steady cam moves and added CG elements. My role was mostly in post-production: match-moving, clean-up, CG, grading etc. While being DIT on set and consulting of VFX. Continue Reading

March 12, 2012#

Angry Pencils

A CG, match-moving test created in Lightwave 3D and shot on the RED Epic at Filmscape.

March 9, 2012#

CG Objects

Started a little project creating and animating objects in CG. Choosing common place things that have subtle ambient animation and focusing on the details. I’ve created three little four second clips so far but hope to create more, then join them together to create a little animated short. Here’s the clips for far… Continue Reading