April 22, 2012#

Pottermore Shop

Finished up a promotional animation for the newly launched Pottermore Shop. Creating a video version of the banner campaign. Mixing multiple baked dynamics calculations to have the owl fly in while forming from letters.

March 19, 2012#

SkyLife Time Freeze

We just finished up some work for Sky. Capturing slow motion steady cam moves and added CG elements. My role was mostly in post-production: match-moving, clean-up, CG, grading etc. While being DIT on set and consulting of VFX. Continue Reading

August 19, 2011#


Testing a substance called Morphium and its response to sonic vibration. Trying out some match moving and Glidetrack SD with the canon 5D and the CineStyle profile.

We went to a car park with to play about with some camera match-moving and effects. Shot on two cameras the Canon 5d mark 2 primarily as well as Continue Reading

August 5, 2011#

Ident Design for Lost Tribe Productions

Design and animation of an Ident for Lost Tribe Productions. Created in after effects using chroma keyed characters shot on a Canon 550D. Continue Reading

July 1, 2011#

Pottermore Owl Animations

Finished up work of the Pottermore owl animations, for the promotion of J K Rowlings new venture, orchestrated by Adam and Eve and Pirata. My role was modelling, sculpting, rigging and animating the owls. Working from the designs from Atom Hawk and creating UV maps for them to paint the textures. More info on Capture

June 2, 2011#

3D asset creation for mytoblerone.co.uk

Working through Capture to recreating 3D chocolate toblerone chunks and packaging for Pirata built mytoblerone.co.uk.

February 20, 2011#

Gin & Dry Titles

Art Direction and co-creation of the titles for the short film ‘Gin and Dry’. More information available at: ginanddry.com

January 24, 2011#

Stop-motion Toblerone player

Toblerone stop-motion

Finished up some stop-motion & sound design work for a Toblerone video player featuring user generated content for Pirata London. It can be seen at http://whatmakesyourtobleronetoblerone.co.uk/

December 11, 2010#

Titles for Cherry Tree Lane

Opening titles and end roller created for the urban thriller ‘Cherry Tree Lane’. Created in After Effects with animated vector brush with the vine growth treatment. More info on the capture site.

December 8, 2010#

Bud Ice 3D game assets and presentation

Finished work on creating assets for the iOS game ‘Journey Below Zero’ a 3D racing game created in Unity3D with assets created in Lightwave 3D

November 28, 2010#

AR Skeleton

Part of an incomplete project, created as promotional content. Modeled and animated in Lightwave 3D, lighting baked to UV and exported to Collada.

April 28, 2010#

Nike Running 2009

Shoot, edit and motion graphics work for AKQA. Shot on 2x Sony EX1’s and a Canon 5D mk2. Edited, motion graphics and grade through Adobe creative suite.