February 20, 2011#

3D Self Portrait

A 3D character built to promote my recent jump into the scary world of freelancing. Created with lightwave 3d using Sub-d modelling, exported to mudbox for a touch of sculpting and then photoshop for painting textures.

Work in progress thread.

May 28, 2010#

Involuntary Cyborg

Digital painting started on the toshiba m200 then worked up with a wacom pad. Part of what will hopefully be an animated short.

February 5, 2010#

Intel Frantic Factory

Work finished on Intel Frantic Factory, building an old to new style factory and robotic claw animations to be used in the “Sponsors of Tomorrow” campaign. Continue Reading

June 8, 2009#

Stary Eye Guy

Another digital painting that started off as a doodle. Painted in photoshop with wacom. Link to full version on DeviantArt

March 17, 2009#

Behind You

Digital Painting created in Photoshop using Wacom Intuos 3. Higher res/non-cropped version on deviantArt.

February 15, 2009#

Lady in Green

New doodle turned digital painting of a Lady in Green. I’m still having trouble with photoshop and vista but having aero on seems to help smooth things up a bit. Link to full version on deviant art.

January 30, 2009#


Trying out some illustration with the wacom and photoshop.
Link to deviantart page

November 17, 2008#

MH Bot scene

Thought I’d upload a couple of work in progress projects. This is MH Bot scene, a futuristic scene with a multitude of robots with various function.

Spinquad WIP forum thread

November 15, 2008#

The Devils Coin

Completed Halloween scene entitled “The Devils Coin” for the Spinquad 2008 halloween competition. And I’m very happy to have won 🙂 Thanks to everyone at spinquad.

WIP forum thread
Based of Irish folklore
Final Image

July 17, 2008#

2D Illustration for Minimise-Me

Making fun 2D celebrity and other character illustrations for “Minimise Me”, an avatar/emoticon generator for Windows Live Messanger based on a traditional Smiley. www.minimise-me.com

June 13, 2008#

Character Developement

Character Development from Sketch to 2D illustration to 3D illustration. To view a larger image please visit: DeviantArt Page Or check out a 360 render after the jump: Continue Reading

August 30, 2007#

Gpad ltd. – Architects and Designers


Finished work on Gpad ltd flash site, has quite an interesting interface, check it out Gpad Ltd

April 1, 2006#

IT Files Storyboards

IT Files

Finished doing a few storyboards for the viral series “IT Files” on intel.com, check it out.IT Files >>. Designed using photoshop and flash.

February 1, 2006#

DJ Jael CD design

Finished the first of five cd designs for Artist DJ Jael. The illustration was sketched, scanned then traced in flash. Click here for a larger image