February 5, 2010#

Intel Frantic Factory

Work finished on Intel Frantic Factory, building an old to new style factory and robotic claw animations to be used in the “Sponsors of Tomorrow” campaign. Continue Reading

January 4, 2010#

Intel IT Power Glove

Modelling, texturing, rendering of the IT manager glove. An all powerful control glove for gesturing multiple server actions and the like.

July 31, 2009#

Medals for Intel IT Manager 3 game

Finished making 3D medals in Lightwave 3D from there 2D designs for Intel’s IT Manager 3 game. see how many you can win here 🙂

March 17, 2009#

Crack the Clues 2

Completed work on Intel Crack the Clues 2, creating the page designs and the 3D assets and animation of the four quadrants that the user has to crack in order to open the next level of security within the core. Continue Reading

October 20, 2008#

Intel Universe

A 3D animated pre-roll to bookend an Intel Xeon presentation. Built, rendered in Lightwave 3D using a few post process filters for the sun flare and bloom.

September 24, 2007#

Crack the Clues!

crack the clues

Try your hand at cracking the clues with this new intel game, my role was creating the 3D assets (ie. the safe) created with lightwave, rendered in fprime.http://cracktheclues.intel.com/

May 8, 2006#

Intel IT manager 2 game

It manager gameFancie your self as an IT pro? then why not test your skill by playing the IT manager game on intel’s website. My role on this project was creating the Vector 3D characters and a few banner creations.

April 1, 2006#

IT Files Storyboards

IT Files

Finished doing a few storyboards for the viral series “IT Files” on intel.com, check it out.IT Files >>. Designed using photoshop and flash.

February 14, 2006#

Intel Viiv Entertainment Platform

A group of us worked on this little promotional video for an intel mini-site. My role was assisting with modeling, lighting and compositing.

February 2, 2006#

Intel Dual-Core Processors

Finished the 3D work on the Intel Dual-Core Demo. It is now live at http://www.intel.co.uk/. Just click on ‘Go Dual-Core’. All 3D imagry was created, textured and render using Newtek’s Lightwave 3D. Here are some still renders here and here.