July 28, 2017#

HDRI Environment Capture

There are numerous method for capturing high dynamic range images for use as CG environment maps. I recently acquired a new method and I thought I’d test it against more tried and true methods. Continue Reading

May 11, 2016#

Faking a moon landing!

Guardian_credit-Louis du Mont (1)

Finished putting together the shots from a recent, massively fun job for Gramafilm. The work consisted of 20 VFX shots orf various complexity, featuring live-action astronauts on both the Moon and an adapted version of the ISS. My work started on set as VFX supervisor, each day I was able to test post processes on the set to give an idea of the end shot as well as starting to model the various CG objects. Continue Reading

September 15, 2015#

Cinemagraph gifs from ‘Objects’ project.


Thought I’d put together some looping animated GIFs for the ongoing ‘Objects’ project, creating simple CG scenes from the bottom up and focusing on the details.
Continue Reading

March 12, 2015#

Google Cardboard Animation

Finished a little CG animation to show the construction of a branded Google Cardboard VR headset. The animation was produced in Lightwave 3D and I make use of DPkit’s nodes to post process and grade the image straight out of the renderer.

May 4, 2013#

Smerkoil, a cg chair for fun

Created for fun using Lightwave 3D. All the dof in ray-traced and I’m planning on pitting it against Otoy’s Octane renderer, which should excel at these kind of renders.

March 9, 2012#

CG Objects

Started a little project creating and animating objects in CG. Choosing common place things that have subtle ambient animation and focusing on the details. I’ve created three little four second clips so far but hope to create more, then join them together to create a little animated short. Here’s the clips for far… Continue Reading

August 19, 2011#


Testing a substance called Morphium and its response to sonic vibration. Trying out some match moving and Glidetrack SD with the canon 5D and the CineStyle profile.

We went to a car park with to play about with some camera match-moving and effects. Shot on two cameras the Canon 5d mark 2 primarily as well as Continue Reading

June 2, 2011#

3D asset creation for mytoblerone.co.uk

Working through Capture to recreating 3D chocolate toblerone chunks and packaging for Pirata built mytoblerone.co.uk.

August 31, 2010#

Light Bulb, a CG test.

A quick test in lightwave 3D trying to balance render time and quality for relatively smooth anti-aliasing/dof. More info and video… Continue Reading

January 4, 2010#

Intel IT Power Glove

Modelling, texturing, rendering of the IT manager glove. An all powerful control glove for gesturing multiple server actions and the like.

July 31, 2009#

Medals for Intel IT Manager 3 game

Finished making 3D medals in Lightwave 3D from there 2D designs for Intel’s IT Manager 3 game. see how many you can win here 🙂