July 28, 2017#

HDRI Environment Capture

There are numerous method for capturing high dynamic range images for use as CG environment maps. I recently acquired a new method and I thought I’d test it against more tried and true methods. Continue Reading

September 18, 2016#

The Coast – Clips from Newquay

Got back from Newquay, Cornwall and took the Panasonic Lumix GX80 with me. So far I really like the handling for a travel camera, small enough to carry around all day and very unassuming. But perhaps the best feature, which makes this my preferred travel camera, is the ability to charge it from a standard micro-usb cable. No more carrying around a separate battery charger and adapter cable! I think the other thing, along with perhaps a GH4-like battery life, that could be improved would be the inclusion of flatter picture styles that most of the other UHD capable Lumix cameras have. This, I’m hoping, may still be added in a firmware update? Unlikely I’m sure but, much like the GH2 days, it hasn’t stopped the ability to achieve Continue Reading

June 27, 2016#

Punchy Grading Test

Another trip down to Dorset, a good opportunity to shoot some more clips on the Panasonic GX80. I tested out quite a few image profile and setting tweaks to maximise dynamic range and found out that the playing with the iDynamic and Shadow/Highlight options didn’t really help with extending latitude and made the tonal curve more confusing to correct while grading. I’m still hopeful for a firmware update to enable a flatter, more log-like picture profile. 🙂

February 29, 2016#

A7RII – Trying more image settings at Lunch

Trying out s-log settings for high saturation, perhaps it’s s-gamut colour mode that was washing things out. This was graded in After Effects but I also tried out DaVinci Resolve for the first time and it’s really nice to use, particularly being able to use the scopes. It’s an unbelievable free tool! The GH4 is very sharp out of camera, some say to a fault. I’ve not done any side by side comparisons, but I’m having a hard time getting the Sony A7RII look as nice on hyperfocal shots. Might do a head to head test soon.

January 13, 2016#

Sony A7RII proximity sensor fix (manual switch)

Just one of the custom buttons I’m liking on the A7RII to allow for shooting video and photos from the hip without the proximity sensor switching to the EVF.

January 9, 2016#

Sony A7R II [Brain Dump]

I love the panasonic GH4 and Canon 5D series and am hoping the Sony A7R II can be both in a relatively compact package. I bought the camera a few days ago from Park Camera’s London (really helpful guys), taking advantage of their Metabone’s offer, getting the EF-E adapter for £100. I popped out at lunchtime to test of the video capabilities around Shoreditch Continue Reading

March 16, 2015#

Formation Photos


Updating the Formation about page with new copy and new photos of the team. Setup included two Sunpak 383 manual flash guns and a Canon 5D3 + Tamron 24-70mm. f/8, 1/160.  Continue Reading

July 7, 2014#

GH4 Low Light Test

Got the GH4! And so far I’m very happy with it. 4K video is sharp and there are is a huge amount of flexibility when it comes to image profile adjustments. Almost too much 🙂 Seems like a balance of achieving a flat image for grading without getting too flat as to loose fidelity in the 8bit compression.

April 18, 2014#

Little London – From the top of The Shard

Had an awesome time at the top of The Shard, highly recommend a visit. Shot on a Panasonic Lumix GH2 with the 14-140mm and processed in After Effects.

April 8, 2014#

Tiny Panasonic GM1

Trying out the GM1’s video with the compact kit 12-32mm lens. Pretty amazing tech crammed into a tiny lil camera. Here are a few of the stills I’ve taken so far with the kit lens, the Lumix 20mm 1.7 and a Fujian 35mm 1.7 cctv lens. So far I’m really impressed with the quality of both images and video, having the wifi to transfer images is also super handy. I did notice the image stabilization is a bit jerky compared to Panasonics other kit lenses (14-45mm, 14-140mm) but I suppose it’s amazing enough to of been able to fit it in such a small lens.

April 8, 2014#

Photo’s in Greenwich

Taking some shots around Greenwich on a Street Photo meetup using the lovely Canon 135mm f2.

January 30, 2014#

Photoshop Averaging Noise

A quick video about using ‘Load Stack’ to average multiple photos to reduce noise without reducing details. For more tutorial-esque videos check out this album.

April 22, 2012#

Morphium Sighting

Working over the weekend prompted a little timelapse experiment with a sigma 8mm on a 5D, allowing for 180 degrees FOV. Which makes a great environment map to some 3D experimentation. Here’s the footage from the camera: Continue Reading

August 4, 2011#

Video stitching a large sensor

Been playing about with Microsoft ICE (free image stitching program) which has a fantastic ‘video stitch’ feature that allows you to create panoramas by waving your camera about when capturing video, I’ve also found it very useful for quickly capturing a wide FOV with a long telephoto lens, giving the effect of a much larger sensor.

Here’s a quick video of the process Continue Reading

July 3, 2011#

Texture Library

Was annoyed by not having my textures in one place so I thought I’d put them online and share.

June 30, 2011#

Trying out the Technicolor CineStyle profile for Canon DSLRs

June 6, 2011#

London World

Trying out the Photoshop ‘polar coordinates’ distortion filter to wrap a 360 degree panarama taken from the top of St. Pauls. Flickr page>>

May 22, 2011#

My process for grading cinematic tone

I’ve put together a video to share the kind of things I do to process images in photoshop, hopefully this is will be useful for some 🙂

March 10, 2011#

Gin & Dry photography and poster

Photography and poster design for ‘Gin and Dry‘, a short film by Oscar Plewes.

February 20, 2011#

A canvas by Adam Hinge

A short video, including timelapse, of artist and friend Adam Hinge creating a his first 2011 canvas. Check out Adams stuff at adamhinge.com

October 11, 2010#

Brick Land shoot, pixel motion slomo and mic test.

Trying out some pixelmotion slomo in After Effect and the Sennheiser MKE400 mic on the canon 5D. I’m very happy with the quality of the mic and the fact I put my eye to the viewfinder and have the mic mounted on the hotshoe, which I couldn’t really do with the Rode mono videomic. Continue Reading

August 2, 2010#

Canon 550D / t2i Workshop Test

A quick test of the Canon 550D video mode. Cut and Graded in After Effects, footage stabilised in Virtual Dub with DeShaker plugin. I’m amazed by the video performance of the camera it’s definitely up there with the 5D/7D for video and the price makes it even more of a steal. I’ve tried it on a Hague Mini Motion-Cam Stabilizer which can just take the weight of the 550D and a light lens (I got reasonable results with the kit lens and the 50mm 1.8) but definitely didn’t feel as stable as the diddy GF1 on there.

June 22, 2010#

New Motive look and venue

A fresh new look for Motive to kick start the nights back into a regular routine.

June 22, 2010#

Another Lumix GF1 test in low light

Secret Wars at The Book Club. Music “Hot Rod Honeymoon” by Jeff Beck.