April 15, 2018#

Free 8bit HDRI Environments on supertextures.co.uk

I put up a new section on supertextures.co.uk for HDRI’s. However they’re only 8bit, but with a lot of dynamic range compressed into them, which can be expanded via in an image editor capable processing 32bit. Here’s a quick video covering it. Continue Reading

April 12, 2018#

Lightwave 3D 2018 Tutorials

Getting to grips with Lightwave 3D 2018’s new physically based rendering? Here’s a few things you can do with the new buffer export system, that allows for simple compositing and custom mattes to localise adjustments.  Continue Reading

July 28, 2017#

HDRI Environment Capture

There are numerous method for capturing high dynamic range images for use as CG environment maps. I recently acquired a new method and I thought I’d test it against more tried and true methods. Continue Reading

April 10, 2017#

New Lightwave 3D Pluralsight tutorial!

Pluralsight Tutorial

Boom! I’m now a published Pluralsight author. If you’ve seen any of my previous tutorials you may have noticed they’re a little haphazard in my attempt to quickly communicate a point. However, I’m happy to say that this tutorial is considerably more comprehensive, detailing each step to produce the image above. For more tutorials you can visit this category.

February 7, 2017#

DOF in CG animation video uploaded

I’ve uploaded a video talking about depth of field in for CG animations. I also quickly cover my workflow from Lightwave 3D to After Effects.

June 6, 2016#

A few new grading tutorials for Premiere Pro

After Effects has been my go to for grading with lots of control, using Avid’s DNxHR codec as an indermediaate. More recently Premiere Pro 2015 has proven to be quite a performer, even with multiple adjustment layers. These are a few of my go to techniques. Continue Reading

January 13, 2016#

Sony A7RII proximity sensor fix (manual switch)

Just one of the custom buttons I’m liking on the A7RII to allow for shooting video and photos from the hip without the proximity sensor switching to the EVF.

December 16, 2015#

10 Lightwave 3D Tips I wish I’d known from the Start

I’ve had a few ‘how did I not know this!’ moments when using Lightwave 3D over the years. Here are some of that I’ve found particularly useful.

March 18, 2015#

Download CG Water scene for Lightwave 3D + DPkit


I did a CG water tutorial last year for Lightwave 3D and am putting up the scene file here for anyone that want to have a look as some details may have been glossed over in the video.

August 15, 2014#

Fun with Newtonian Motion Plugin for Lightwave 3D

Quick test of a new plugin for Lightwave 3D and that can follow any item, generating a Newtonian motion reaction to the animation. Super handy!

August 14, 2014#

Nodal Material, Displacements and Post Processing

A Lightwave 3D tutorial I put together has just gone live as part of Lightwave’s Siggraph 2014 showcase. Using nodal materials, displacements and post processing to achieve a treated final image straight out of Lightwave 3D. Special mention, as always, to Denis Pontonnier and his outstanding plugins.

May 4, 2014#

Tips published in 3D Artist Magazine!


Fancy reading through a collection of 50 Lightwave 3D tips? Then pick up a copy of 3D Artist where you’ll find a few of my select tips for Lightwave that have helped me over the years.

January 30, 2014#

Photoshop Averaging Noise

A quick video about using ‘Load Stack’ to average multiple photos to reduce noise without reducing details. For more tutorial-esque videos check out this album.

August 4, 2011#

Video stitching a large sensor

Been playing about with Microsoft ICE (free image stitching program) which has a fantastic ‘video stitch’ feature that allows you to create panoramas by waving your camera about when capturing video, I’ve also found it very useful for quickly capturing a wide FOV with a long telephoto lens, giving the effect of a much larger sensor.

Here’s a quick video of the process Continue Reading

May 22, 2011#

My process for grading cinematic tone

I’ve put together a video to share the kind of things I do to process images in photoshop, hopefully this is will be useful for some 🙂