April 24, 2013#

Free textures for your project!


I’ve been collecting the odd texture now and again and putting them online under my site, but have now setup it’s own snazzy domain as well as adding a lot more images and a few more categories. Feel free to use any texture you want and link back if ya can. supertextures.co.uk.

August 1, 2009#

Motive – A Creative Community

Motive is a creative community a friend and I setup earlier this year and it’s starting to grow very quickly. We have a monthly meet up featuring presentations from a wide range of disciplines, also allowing people in the creative industries to network, seek help and collaborate on projects. More information at: Motive.org.uk

January 17, 2007#

Extroverts Forum – A very, very serious podcast.

Extrovert Forum

This is a podcast by James Chandler and I. An intellectual voyage into the mystical world of the modern day universe. Including interviews with the brightest mind of this generation such as discussions with Professor Julian Goldsmith about his world renouned book “Saturns Splendor” – Available from selected retailers. Latest episode here, Itunes link here

May 9, 2006#

More then you Mama

Yo! Check out dis seriously wicked track from me (MC F*&k bastard) and Adam Hinge (DJ Bitch)