April 9, 2015#

Visiting – Episode 1

Yay! Finally put up the first episode of Visiting. This episode acts as an introduction to more loose animated vignettes that focus on more candid moments. More information on: visitingshort.com

September 12, 2013#

Spaceman sent to the printers – UPDATED

Found a bit of time to export a high-res mesh to send over to 3DprintUK. I just got he print back and it’d blooming great! captures so much detail. I’ll post the result here soon. Here’s a little turntable render of the high-poly export for printing. Here’s some pics: Continue Reading

August 12, 2013#

Visiting Short Update

A little teaser of some of the latest completed scene. Progress is a little slow as I’ve quite a bit of work on but hoping to invest more time soon. For more details you can follow this forum thread.

April 4, 2013#

Visiting Short – Texturing a bottle cap

Having nodal fun texturing a bottle cap for my little Visiting short, as well as taking advantage of Lightwave 3D’s new UV unwrap tools. very handy.

February 27, 2013#

Casio Watch

A new object for the spaceman to interact with in visiting short. Follow on Lightwave forums.

June 8, 2009#

Visiting – Light Computer

More progress with the little animated short I’m creating “Visiting”. I tried to get the spaceman to sit well in some camera tracked footage but it wasn’t really working so I using the camera data and mapped photography of the scene over a simple mesh.

November 18, 2008#

Visiting WIP

I’m uploading progress for “Visiting”, an animated short mixing hand-held live action and cg character animation. This projects main purpose is to develop my character rigging/animation, motion tracking and compositing skills.

Spinquad WIP forum thread