HONOUR IS EVERYTHING – 48hr Film Challenge

Had a great time working with Dir. Mahmut Akay and the rest of the super talented crew on Scifi London’s 48 hour film challenge. It was shot in the awesomely dystopian looking estate in South Hampstead and took until the early ours of the morning on Sunday to complete the VFX shots depicting frozen time.


The shots were created in Lightwave 3D using HDRI environments captured on the shoot day with a Canon 5D Mark 3, Sigma 8mm f3.5 lens and Nodal Ninja 3 Tripod head. Objects were chosen to ‘freeze’ while on the shoot. I took a load of reference photos and left to start modelling the objects that would end up being frozen by the protagonists reckless use of the time freeze gloves.


In honesty the Sunday after the shoot was a blur of intense content creation but and very happy to of had the experience and would be keen to do it again, just not right away 🙂 Check out some production stills here.