5D mk2 RAW vs GH2 Hacked

Magic Lantern are doing wonderful things to the movie mode on Canon DSLR’s. For a long time I’ve been more impressed (particularly for the price) in the performance of the Panasonic Lumix GH range of m4/3 cameras, they always seem to ‘out res’ there canon counterparts, especially with the hacked firmware that allows for very large datarates. However Magic Lantern have now unlocked the raw capability of Canon DSLR’s and along with it huge dynamic range and sharpness. After installing the Magic Lantern on a 5D mk2 I wanted to see how it performed against the GH2 and how it graded too. 

The results seem close but there’s definitely a lot more information in the shadows of the 5d raw footage, however the 5D still retains the moire and aliasing it always has and in same cases this is made even more prominent by raw. Here’s a few more clips that highlight the issue.