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Intel IT manager 2 game

Fancie your self as an IT pro? then why not test your skill by playing the IT manager game on intel’s website. My role on this project was creating the Vector 3D characters and a few banner creations. Launch!

I have grouped together with Jon Reidy and Rhys Jones to create an online digital media company. It’s still at at very early stage but will soon be fully functional and very pretty. Check it out at

Intel Dual-Core Processors

Finished the 3D work on the Intel Dual-Core Demo. It is now live at Just click on ‘Go Dual-Core’. All 3D imagry was created, textured and render using Newtek’s Lightwave 3D. Here are some still renders here and here.

RuffStar Night.

This is a general post covering the RuffStar nights to date. So far we’ve put on nights at the Nambucca Bar and 93 Feet East. My main responsibility has been design promotion (flyers, posters, badges, banners, t-shirts) and visuals for projection. (some examples are here, here and here) Also check out a my video documenting …

Stankwayne Manor

Here’s my final piece for my animation degree at Westminster University. It’s part of a group of stories they portray the event from different points of view. The animation was hand draw directly into flash with composited in After Effects and edited in Final Cut Pro. I created the score using Acid Pro with an … Launch! is launched, a site offering online services to unsigned bands, as well as showcasing the best at the monthly ‘Ruffstar Night’. The site was built in flash, using similar techniques to my ‘Virtual Gallery Project‘ I used php to store data in a series of text files, allowing band to setup there usernames and …

Virtual Gallery Project

This is a little project I did on the side to understand more about creating online functionality. Here’s an example of site that uses php and javascript with a flash interface. So the user can upload and title their own art work and see it in the gallery.