B&W footage with the Panasonic LX7 + mini review

Trying out the Panasonic Lumix LX7. Love this little camera, the lens is pin sharp and I really like the ergonomics, I had the Sony RX100 for a bit and just didn’t get along with it as well as this camera. I like the wider FOV of the LX7 and the better macro at the long end.

The video feels a little better from the LX7 for some reason, they has similar bitrates and specs but the LX7 seems to retain more detail, although I could just be imagining it and validating the choice to switch 🙂 The built in ND is also surprisingly useful for keeping 1/50th shutter speed and wider aperture to avoid flicking from fluorescent light!

I don’t mind the lens cap and the lack of touch screen, however it’s annoying that the lens has to pop out to review pictures and if you’ve just taken a bunch of photos and switch off the camera to put back in you pocket, the lens has to wait for the buffer to complete before retracting, which is a bit of a pain (something that wasn’t an issue with the Ricoh RX, GR cams). Also the interval meter feature is pretty useless for me, only allowing 60 shots :S. I’ve yet to find a compact camera of DSLR for that matter that does interval capture as well as the Ricoh RX100 I have, maybe except for a CHDK hacker canon?

Anyway I’m just droning on now. Bottom line is that I’m pretty amazed by the LX7, the fast sharp lens and stabilization means I haven’t felt left wanting in most shooting conditions.