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Procedural block animation

Trying out some procedural animation using the awesome DPkit motion node for Lightwave 3D, which enables me to use the vertices information of displaced object to drive the motion of the luminous block/bar objects. Check out the video.

Visiting – Light Computer

More progress with the little animated short I’m creating “Visiting”. I tried to get the spaceman to sit well in some camera tracked footage but it wasn’t really working so I using the camera data and mapped photography of the scene over a simple mesh.

Visiting WIP

I’m uploading progress for “Visiting”, an animated short mixing hand-held live action and cg character animation. This projects main purpose is to develop my character rigging/animation, motion tracking and compositing skills. Spinquad WIP forum thread

Windows Live Characters

Finished 3D work for Windows Live characters. Promoting the range of utilities in the Windows Live platform. Modelled animated in Lightwave, rendered in Fprime. The security character was the most interesting to create as it had to have a rotating police light helmet, while not being transparent. This was a great opportunity to create a …

Crack the Clues!

Try your hand at cracking the clues with this new intel game, my role was creating the 3D assets (ie. the safe) created with lightwave, rendered in fprime.

3D work for Walls

Finished working on Walls website, my role was generating the 3D assets and animation for the site. Made use of HDR lighting/reflection. Does seem to pump up the render times a bit :S