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NMA cd-rom Intro

Finished work on the NMA promotional cdrom. My role was creating the 3d magazine and syncing all the animation and audio, as well as a few of the page animations. All the animation was created in lightwave and composited in After Effects


Completed (or nearly) work on the documentary film “Normaland” by Rose Klabin. My role was creating the animated intro as well as editing the documentary to 25 minutes using flash, after effects and photoshop to create the intro imagry and premier to edit. Normaland from Louis du Mont on Vimeo.

MSN Search Shootout

MSN Search Shootout has now gone live. My role was creating all the 3D assest for the game in Lightwave. It’s ws very tricky getting the rig to work properly, as you will see there are some odd little glitches but I’ll hopefully hone my rigging skills or learn Maya and Motion Builder

Stage 1 of Virtual Medical Expo CD-ROM finished

Stage 1 on the Virtual Expo has been completed as well as the introduction animation. You can view some renders here and here. I modeled the building form the grown up as well as all the furnature inside, then moved the assests to flash and director for compiling the cdrom which can be seen here.

Intel IT manager 2 game

Fancie your self as an IT pro? then why not test your skill by playing the IT manager game on intel’s website. My role on this project was creating the Vector 3D characters and a few banner creations.

Stankwayne Manor

Here’s my final piece for my animation degree at Westminster University. It’s part of a group of stories they portray the event from different points of view. The animation was hand draw directly into flash with composited in After Effects and edited in Final Cut Pro. I created the score using Acid Pro with an …