August 19, 2011#


Testing a substance called Morphium and its response to sonic vibration. Trying out some match moving and Glidetrack SD with the canon 5D and the CineStyle profile.

We went to a car park with to play about with some camera match-moving and effects. Shot on two cameras the Canon 5d mark 2 primarily as well as Continue Reading

August 5, 2011#

Ident Design for Lost Tribe Productions

Design and animation of an Ident for Lost Tribe Productions. Created in after effects using chroma keyed characters shot on a Canon 550D. Continue Reading

March 10, 2011#

Gin & Dry photography and poster

Photography and poster design for ‘Gin and Dry‘, a short film by Oscar Plewes.

June 22, 2010#

New Motive look and venue

A fresh new look for Motive to kick start the nights back into a regular routine.

February 5, 2010#

Intel Frantic Factory

Work finished on Intel Frantic Factory, building an old to new style factory and robotic claw animations to be used in the “Sponsors of Tomorrow” campaign. Continue Reading

November 19, 2009#

Some Intel Augmented Reality

Completed some 3D work promoting Intel Ultra Low Voltage CPU’s with an augmented reality piece that shows the entertainment power that can come from a sleek, thin laptop computer. Check out the full site here! or Continue Reading

March 17, 2009#

Crack the Clues 2

Completed work on Intel Crack the Clues 2, creating the page designs and the 3D assets and animation of the four quadrants that the user has to crack in order to open the next level of security within the core. Continue Reading

November 17, 2008#

MH Bot scene

Thought I’d upload a couple of work in progress projects. This is MH Bot scene, a futuristic scene with a multitude of robots with various function.

Spinquad WIP forum thread

February 13, 2008#

Virtual Studio 2.0

My ideal studio enviroment. Modelled and Rendered in Lightwave 3D. To view a larger image or to buy a print please visit:DeviantArt Page

November 8, 2007#

Andrew du Mont

Check out my dads awesome, if a little creepy,  metal sculptures. Finished polishing up the site for an exhibition. andrewdumont.co.uk

November 4, 2007#

Light Tunnel

Light Tunnel from Louis du Mont on Vimeo

Trying out some camera projection techniques using Lightwave 3D and Fprime. Continue Reading

August 30, 2007#

Gpad ltd. – Architects and Designers


Finished work on Gpad ltd flash site, has quite an interesting interface, check it out Gpad Ltd

July 13, 2007#

3D work for Walls

Walls Website

Finished working on Walls website, my role was generating the 3D assets and animation for the site. Made use of HDR lighting/reflection. Does seem to pump up the render times a bit :S

hdr test
June 3, 2007#

Re-design concepts


A few concepts for hometrack site

April 15, 2007#

Playstation 3 DVD Promotion

ps3 dvd

Creation of the Playstation 3 “This is Living” dvd for the little white lies crew.

August 31, 2006#


Completed (or nearly) work on the documentary film “Normaland” by Rose Klabin. My role was creating the animated intro as well as editing the documentary to 25 minutes using flash, after effects and photoshop to create the intro imagry and premier to edit.
Normaland from Louis du Mont on Vimeo.

August 1, 2006#

Ceilidh Project

Creating website and animated host for Folk Festival on the 7th of august. Check it out at www.ceilidhproject.com. You can also see an example animation here

June 1, 2006#

Stage 1 of Virtual Medical Expo CD-ROM finished

Stage 1 on the Virtual Expo has been completed as well as the introduction animation. You can view some renders here and here. I modeled the building form the grown up as well as all the furnature inside, then moved the assests to flash and director for compiling the cdrom which can be seen here.

May 8, 2006#

Intel IT manager 2 game

It manager gameFancie your self as an IT pro? then why not test your skill by playing the IT manager game on intel’s website. My role on this project was creating the Vector 3D characters and a few banner creations.

April 1, 2006#

IT Files Storyboards

IT Files

Finished doing a few storyboards for the viral series “IT Files” on intel.com, check it out.IT Files >>. Designed using photoshop and flash.

March 18, 2006#

RUFFSTARmedia.com Launch!

ruffstarmedia.jpgI have grouped together with Jon Reidy and Rhys Jones to create an online digital media company. It’s still at at very early stage but will soon be fully functional and very pretty. Check it out at www.ruffstarmedia.com

March 14, 2006#

Trinary Switch Intro

Created an intro sequence for the mythical sci-fi adventure series “Trinary Switch – The Third State”

February 4, 2006#

DVD Creation for ‘Little White Lies’ magazine

Completed creating a packed out dvd for film mag ‘Little White Lies‘. The dvd includes interviews, trailers, photography, shorts etc. Compiled using After effects and Adobe Encore. It’s on the shelves now at you local Borders.

February 2, 2006#

Intel Dual-Core Processors

Finished the 3D work on the Intel Dual-Core Demo. It is now live at http://www.intel.co.uk/. Just click on ‘Go Dual-Core’. All 3D imagry was created, textured and render using Newtek’s Lightwave 3D. Here are some still renders here and here.