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It’s been mostly animation that’s been going through the studio so I thought it would be fun to put together a 3D illustration. It started off as a quick mock up experimenting with some volumetric atmospherics and ended up being very handy in getting a solid workflow from Lightwave 3D to Substance Painter and back …

3D Self Portrait

A 3D character built to promote my recent jump into the scary world of freelancing. Created with lightwave 3d using Sub-d modelling, exported to mudbox for a touch of sculpting and then photoshop for painting textures. Work in progress thread.

Lady in Green

New doodle turned digital painting of a Lady in Green. I’m still having trouble with photoshop and vista but having aero on seems to help smooth things up a bit. Link to full version on deviant art.

The Devils Coin

Completed Halloween scene entitled “The Devils Coin” for the Spinquad 2008 halloween competition. And I’m very happy to have won 🙂 Thanks to everyone at spinquad. WIP forum thread Based of Irish folklore Final Image