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SphereBot Creation

Another little project to help get some workflows down in Blender. I was inspired by the poodle moth. I really like the stocky structure to the insect and thought it would be a great basis for a robot.

Making Drawer Arrays

Everytime I visit my dad’s house I religiously take a photo of the chest of drawers in the hallway. The many instances of drawers along with a dimly lit hall with a bright light at one end make for a great visual.

Formation 2017 Reel!

New 2017 showreel finished up for Formation! Featuring work for Asda, Google, Duracell and more. For more information please visit out studio website at: or contact us at:

An evening with the Lumix GX80 / GX85

I loved using the GH2 and was a little disappointed when the GH3 was announced to have a larger body. That’s why I like to think of the GX80 as a spiritual successor to the understated GH2. I think the form factor is ideal for casual street shooting as it doesn’t stand out as a …

Faking a moon landing!

Finished putting together the shots from a recent, massively fun job for Gramafilm. The work consisted of 20 VFX shots orf various complexity, featuring live-action astronauts on both the Moon and an adapted version of the ISS. My work started on set as VFX supervisor, each day I was able to test post processes on the …

Fullframe on the Sony A7RII

Trying out the Sony A7RII in full frame mode exclusively. The image performs much better than I was expecting. There are a few wide shots with quite bad moire but I feel much more comfortable using the full frame mode when the type of shot requires it. is up and running. A handy place for all the visiting development and progress. At the moment I’m getting the workflow of motion capture and animation sorted out using new Rhiggit v2.0 tools, which, so far seem very flexible!

Trying out some sculpting

Having a play with Zbrush, learning the sculpting ropes, particularly getting models to and from Lightwave 3D. Also getting used to the different brush types. My favorites so far are clay build up, dam standard and flattern.

HONOUR IS EVERYTHING – 48hr Film Challenge

Had a great time working with Dir. Mahmut Akay and the rest of the super talented crew on Scifi London’s 48 hour film challenge. It was shot in the awesomely dystopian looking estate in South Hampstead and took until the early ours of the morning on Sunday to complete the VFX shots depicting frozen time.

Voigtlander 25mm f/0.95 and the Panasonic 20mm

I’ve just come into possession of a snazzy Voigtlander Nokton 25mm for a fast 50mm equivalent for micro four thirds. So far my feelings are kind of mixed, the wide open performance show fairly heavy chromatic aberration so I thought I’d pit if against the trusty Panasonic 20mm pancake lens and share my findings, for …

Photography for Cassie

Finished a little natural light photoshoot for Cassie Gallagher’s upcoming store of handmade items. First portrait shots I’ve taken with the Tamron 24-70mm VR and I think it performs very well, sharp centre, quite a strong light falloff at the edges, which can compliment portraits 🙂 

Salt vs Pepper – Robot Smackdown

Got snazzy salt and pepper shakers from a friend which functioned as perfect subjects for a little RAW workflow test on the 5D Mark III. Both Transcend 1000x cards performed well at 24fps / 1080p and the Lexar USB 3.0 card reader pulled off the raw files at over 100MB/s. Using RAWanizer to convert to …

Slooow Motion Panasonic LX7

The Panasonic LX7 has a pretty snazzy 100fps high speed video mode (for the PAL version of the camera, 120fps for NTSC), however it looses all its manual exposure goodness to achieve it, as well as dropping to 720p. Here’s a few clips taken at lunch. It’s great to know these kind of frame rates …

Free textures for your project!

I’ve been collecting the odd texture now and again and putting them online under my site, but have now setup it’s own snazzy domain as well as adding a lot more images and a few more categories. Feel free to use any texture you want and link back if ya can.

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