Faking a moon landing!

Guardian_credit-Louis du Mont (1)

Finished putting together the shots from a recent, massively fun job for Gramafilm. The work consisted of 20 VFX shots orf various complexity, featuring live-action astronauts on both the Moon and an adapted version of the ISS. My work started on set as VFX supervisor, each day I was able to test post processes on the set to give an idea of the end shot as well as starting to model the various CG objects.


Shoot done, it was full steam ahead to produce all the VFX shots within a few weeks. Working closely with Grama to block out scenes and for the edit to see just how much of each shot would been needed. I was quite happy with how a scene that included floating popcorn turned out, however it was eventually cut as I assume popcorn wouldn’t been an astronauts first choice for a micro gravity meal.

All the CG elements were created in Lightwave 3D and the compositing with After Effects. You can watch the full video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dFrgNiweQDk