International Pillow Fight Day 2014

Had the pleasure of popping down to Trafalgar Square on the 5th of April to see thousands of pillow touting warriors! Shooting video on the Canon 5D Mark III with the MLRAW module. I’ve been tempted by the MLV update that the Magic Lantern guys have been working on and I could of taken advantage of it on this occasion as I was fumbling about with my phone to record clips of audio to accompany the little edit.

This was probably the first time I’ve switched image stabilization off on the lenses to capture more staccato motion and a high shutter speed of 1/200 or above to mimic the 45 degree shutter angle used on films like ‘Saving Private Ryan’. Mixing that with 1/50 shutter for the calm shot to contrast. Also choosing to do most of the grade within Adobe’s camera raw window to hue shift the skin tones and blues.