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Isometropolis PD

A work in progress passion project about a 70’s cop duo that investigate a particularly unusual case. Want to read about how it’s made? Please visit:

Duracell Bunny Biography

Part of a promotional film, highlighting the history of the Duracell Bunny. Myself and Ben Austin worked at Formation with and on the Movidiam platform to create five animated interviews that featured Duracell Bunny’s close friends. My role was managing production, preparing models or modelling then surfacing, rigging and layout. Ben Austin produced most of …

Google Indie Game Showcase

Produced at We Are Formation ltd. We were brought on by Gramafilm to produce an animation for Google’s indie showcase event in 2019. We were supplied with 2D illustration as well as brand guidelines for for the environments and character. We decided to re-create all the elements in 3D to enable dynamic camera movements and …

Sphere Bot

A resilient sphere bot finds an unusual rock. A fun project that started as a sketch after seeing a few photos of poodle moths and really liking the shape, it then transformed into a sort of RnD project, learning to rig and animate in Blender.


Grounded by a malfunctioning ship a routine journey ends in near disaster. Faced with giant alient landscapes, a miniature visitor must explore his challenging surroundings to gather the resources to help him return safely home.

Ted’s Tech

Ted’s Tech is a 3D animation featuring a mock technology review of an absurd phone concept, drawing stylistic inspiration from fantastic YouTube channels like Unbox Therapy, MKBHD and Dave 2D.

SAS Future City

Media Nerd approached us to produce a large scale animated visual for the backdrop of a forum event. The concept was that of future technology and it’s relation to data analytics, positioning SAS as a key player in the development of next generation data programmes.