The Blob

A little front projection experiment a car park. Click through for a breakdown.

Starting with a photo I’d taken of an underground car park here I began searching the web for idea’s of how to model from the image (lightwave modeller not being able to show a custom camera view). It seems the are a few techniques that people use. The first is to create a UV for a rough model, then use the “texture guide” plugin to mimic the camera view in the UV window. The second was to use softFX dynamics to more points around within layout. The third, which I chose, is to just have Layout and modeller open and keep flipping between them to see the updated view with correctly setup camera.


After getting the geometry to match the photograph I started creating the extra images needed for reflection/spec/bump maps as well as an image with the beam photoshopped out so, using a weight map, I could mask out the details behind the beam.


To add a little randomness and to remove the perfect edges of the geometry I added a procedural normals displacement map over everything, then animated a reflective ball (with animated procedural displacement) and added small blue area light underneath. All then rendered through fprime and composed in After Effects. I also rendered out a depth map to control depth of field within After Effects.